Sistem Informasi Akademik Pusat Layanan Autis Batam Menggunakan Framework Laravel

Mira Chandra Kirana, Hendry Putra Pratama


Academic Information System give the main support to the academic process in the educational in terms of information technology. One of educational institution is Batam Autism Service Center (PLA), an educational service unit that carries out the learning process for autistic children in the community. The implementation of this slightly different education requires a higher concentration that requires supporting facilities in processing academic data at PLA Batam. The development of an Academic Information System is one of the best way to be performed that is able to help manage academic data and monitor the development of autistic students so that the implementation of learning can be done better and more precisely. Parents and students can also monitor the learning outcomes that have been carried out in PLA. Laravel framework helps the development of the system for PLA with a more structured and easy on maintenance. The teacher and administration can enter student data and access the data easily, record student progress and get reports on student progress on academic evaluations to be given to parents through the system that has been built.


Academic Information System, Information System, Laravel

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